Our indoor arena

Play indoor laser tag in the bunker!

Immerse yourself in Berlin's historic bunker and experience indoor laser tag like nowhere else. Between walls steeped in history, every match becomes an unforgettable adventure. Are you ready for the ultimate laser tag experience?

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Lasergame outdoor playing field

Experience laser tag action in the open air!

Imagine playing laser tag on a real Cold War military base north of Berlin. The extensive outdoor areas offer an incomparable playing field full of excitement and tactics. A top-class outdoor experience awaits you

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Escape room action + laser tag

Experience this unique combination

Discover "Sector 9", our unique escape room that fuses puzzle solving with action-packed laser tag. Whether you just challenge your wits or combine the two for a double thrill - the adventure of the century awaits you. Unique in Germany!

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Our pitches in action

What is Lasergame | Lasertag?

Underground Lasergame Berlin: Where history meets the future!

You think lasergame is like any other game? You're wrong, at least when you play with us. Right in the heart of Berlin, in a historic bunker from the Second World War, our laser tag arena rises up to give you an unforgettable experience.

What exactly is lasergame?

Lasergame, often referred to as laser tag or lasertag, is not just a game - it's an adventure. It's where strategy meets adrenaline, where team building meets action. Whether you're a rookie or an old hand at laser games, with us everyone becomes a hero of the arena!

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Our game - your rules

With our advanced laser game markers based on harmless infrared technology (yes, just as harmless as your TV remote control), you can safely enter the fray. And thanks to the different game modes and programmable settings of your "weapon", you can customize every game:

  • Choose from different "weapon sounds" - from realistic to futuristic.
  • Determine the number of rounds per magazine, rate of fire and more.
  • Playing in the dark? Recognize your team by the coloured "muzzle flash".
  • Use electronic modules such as "Medibox" or "Ammo-Box" to make the playing field more dynamic.
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More than just a game

Underground Lasergame is not just about having fun. For us, it's also about a sense of community. It's about working as a team, developing strategies and winning together. And the best thing? It's a great substitute for exercise for those who prefer to stay away from the gym

The new generation of laser tag

Forget paintball or computer games. Our laser game offers adrenaline without bruises and action without a screen. And after the game? Dive into our high score list and see how you fare against other players.

Are you ready?

Come and experience laser tag like never before. In the unique atmosphere of our bunker, an adventure awaits that you won't soon forget. Are you ready to make history? See you in the arena!

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