About Lasergame - What is Lasergame?

Lasergame is a playful procedure for marking (hitting) targets. Targets can be hit sensors on people and/or specially electronically supported laser game systems.

Due to the very simple handling of the lasergame equipment, the game is very suitable for beginners.

The technology used in laser games is based on the transmission of "hit data" that are fired from a laser game marker ("laser game weapon") via an infrared signal. The infrared technology used here is as harmless as the television remote control at home. There is no danger to the eyes from the infrared technology.

Due to its versatile game variations, Lasergame is extremely exciting, varied and promotes tactical thinking/behaviour, whether in a team or as an individual player. Cooperation within a team is promoted and strengthens strategic thinking! Lasergame is not only a purely mental affair, but is also a wonderful substitute for sport, for all those who avoid gyms.

THE ADVANTAGE: Lasergame is more fun than paintball or computer games! The laser game technology does not cause any pain and it can be used in indoor and outdoor areas. The individual programmability of the markers guarantees a high degree of variety in every game.

The following laser game markers are in our arsenal:

HT4 - The MP5 among markers / not only stylish, but also practical in the game

HT4-2     HT4

HT9 - Thee pistol / suitable for operating quickly and manoeuvrable in rooms and corridors.

Desert Eagle     Desert Eagle 2

HT10 - The machine gun among the markers / well suited in all rooms

MP5     MP5-2

HT11 - The small action rifle / a great marker for all lasergame situations

Assault Rifle     Assault Rifle-2

HT15 - The big gun / the "cleaner" in the pitch

HT15-1     HT15-2

HT90 - The special mission weapon for all strategists (modelled on a P90)

Spec-Op-Rifle-2     Spec-Op-Rifle

The handling of the laser game equipment is kept very simple and uncomplicated. By firing infrared data signals in a controlled manner, an enemy receiver sensor should be hit if possible. Each hit affects the opponent's "weapon" and reduces the time an opponent player spends in the playing field. The effects of the "weapons" can be flexibly adjusted and changed depending on the game modes.

Each successful hit on a receiver sensor causes a visual and acoustic signal. The number of hits that can and may be obtained is determined and programmed before each start of the game. Each laser game marker has a precise aiming device (partly red dot sighting devices) for the most authentic game experience possible.

The different laser gamemarkers have different effective ranges, just like real weapons. Indoors, all laser gamemarkers are equally powerful and there are no restrictions on the range. In the outdoor area, the ranges vary (depending on the model) between 50 metres and 150 metres. All laser game markers have a game-supporting sound output.

Each laser gamemarker is individually programmable. The following "weapon properties" can be influenced/programmed:

  • The number of shots, per virtual magazine
  • The number of virtual magazines
  • The sound of the "weapons" (realistic and futuristic sound output)
  • The recognition of the hits from the own team "Friendly Fire".
  • The number of "live points" (life points of a "virtual life")
  • The effect of a hit on the life points (much or little virtual damage)
  • The rate of fire
  • The firing sequence (automatic, single fire or continuous fire)
  • The reload time to supply a magazine with new virtual ammunition
  • Preset the total playing time in each "weapon
  • The number of automatic respawns (revivals/activations)
  • Each "weapon" has its own player name (e.g. Gunny, Rambo,...)
  • Each "weapon" has an evaluation function
  • The optical "muzzle flash" can be influenced by colour (e.g. red/blue) / so that the opposing team can be recognised by the muzzle flash in dark surroundings.

In order to additionally influence the course of a game and make it even more exciting, there are electronic modules that can be used in the playing field. These electronic modules can, for example, take over the function of a "Medibox" (station with healing signals) or also an "Ammo-Box" (station for receiving virtual ammunition). We are also able to programme these electronic modules to deliver and receive virtual flags. The modules can be easily reprogrammed for any purpose. The modules force the players to repeatedly visit fixed points in the playing field. This results in an even higher tactical behaviour of the players. But be careful! The electronic modules can also be programmed with negative characteristics. There are also modules that can be used like mines in the playing field. Everything is possible, from immediate elimination from the game to a "paralysing" effect of the weapon electronics.

In addition, we offer the possibility (depending on the booked game sequence) to read out the weapons and create a game result. Each hit also results in points that can be recorded via our evaluation system and allows the display of a high score.