Lasertag Berlin - Gamespackage BATTLE ROYAL

2 h / 4 different Games,
including evaluation
(suitable for beginners and advanced players)

It was a lot of fun, the location was just a great idea.
The employee did a great job keep up the good work ??
Will definitely be back

Running...! So far the best laser game I've been to, good hiding places and a real bunker feeling! The young guide was really good and funny...we'll be back!

We came with quite a large group (about 50 people). The service was very good! We were welcomed in a friendly manner and our wishes were directly addressed. Questions during the game were also answered and our contact person was constantly there to ensure that everything went smoothly. The explanation of all the rules was also understandable. The location was also very attractive! On the one hand, the cramped and dark environment of playing underground caused a certain thrill and on the other hand, the historical background was another exciting thing that also provided thrills. All in all, we were very impressed and recommend the Underground Lasergame to others!

Underground Lasergame is just the thing if you're looking for an authentic experience! No waistcoat flashing wildly, no plastic weapons, no cheap technology! What you can expect are real-looking metal weapons, helmets like from war films and music to match the atmosphere! Depending on the game, you can completely merge with your dark surroundings in the 1,300 square metre hall and attack from ambush. Highly recommended for all 16+ players  !!

was mega fun ...staff was super nice

was mega fun. Staff was also super nice

Really cool there, it was really fun. Keep up the good work??

We were able to book it very easily and even change things without any problems. Everyone was very friendly and we had a really great time. It was definitely worth it! We'll be back again and again.

An experience you have to have. It was a lot of fun.

Hammer! I'm from Switzerland and didn't know Berlin that much.... When I was walking around with my buddy he said during the day and pointing to the street "down here we play laser tag later".... I laughed and was sure it was a joke... Turns out later we were walking down stairs there and he was serious. I love laser tag and love to play, but this location was especially cool! The introduction was very well done and all the playing was insanely fun. If you love laser tag, you have to be here!

The absolute hammer!
At least you can have a lot of fun under the streets of Berlin without tourists!
The presenter was also really great!
Full marks - 10 stars!

Just great... We've been there 6 times now and it's always been mega mega fun....The buker is really awesome... .The staff are also totally nice and funny We also like to come the 7 times

The 5 stars are more than deserved! Professional team, they know what they're talking about, clean, friendly, and with great instruction. And the location is mega cool!

I was there today with some friends and it was super good. Everything was explained straight away. Questions were answered very nicely and it was very exciting and fun. I would love to do it again. I can absolutely recommend Lasergame Underground!

Especially for team events or group meetings a good alternative to do something together.

We had a blast... it's well worth the money.

My brother gave me the idea of playing laser tag and I booked an all-girls group with my girls (11 of them). It was great fun, especially without the boys. The bunker was huge and the game modes really exciting. Only the sore muscles will probably stay with us for another two days 🙂

Mega good and quick clarification of the appointment. Super nice staff. Customer service+++! I received my forgotten jewellery by post within a few days!

Very cool location and cool action, the initial scepticism quickly gave way. I will come again with other people for sure

Thank you very much again. Everyone really enjoyed it (women and men).

The time really flew by but it was super fun and my legs will definitely think of you for 2 days 🙂 See you soon 🙂

The Lasergame Underground is one of the best locations to play this exciting and tactical game.

So guys... This is the biggest fun factor ever! 😀 ^_^ It's really only to recommend!!!! ♥ ♥

I had one of the best evenings there and can only recommend it.

Started a bachelor party there. We enjoyed the game and the show afterwards. An interesting location, several game modes (deathmatch, team deathmatch, zombie game and domination) and an evaluation at the end. What's special here is that you don't get any armour, but a helmet and only head hits count. A very exhausting but fun game. I can recommend Untergrund Lasergame with the best of knowledge.

Can only be recommended.

I can only join in. The fun of the game is amazing! With the sound during the games or at the beginning, not only is fun guaranteed, but also a goosebump feeling is possible. The dark atmosphere rounds off the whole thing. Personally, I don't like being in a large hall where there is still light smog everywhere. The felling with the real weapons and helmets can't be topped anywhere. We will be back.

A truly memorable experience! Coming in with a group of 16 people unannounced, we discovered that we should have booked in advance. But despite this, these guys went to great lengths to get us in. Exceptional service!

This underground laser game can really only be recommended. The laser game takes place in a real air raid shelter in the middle of Berlin. This location is simply unbeatable. The staff is super nice and very professional. We were there as a team event with work colleagues and had a lot of fun. The atmosphere and the flair are simply incomparable. Simply amazing and highly recommended. 5 stars from me for this

I was there as part of a stag party and had a lot of fun completing the missions. You really work up a sweat!


Thank you very much again. Everyone really enjoyed it (women and men).

It was a great evening. I thought 2 hours would be too long, but due to the different games it was much too short and I could have played even more! It was a great team evening for me and my team, a great teambuilding activity! Gladly again

You already have a request from me for the next mail in your inbox 😉

Gladly again. It was fun! The other team was super fun and exhausting too! 😀 The time went by so quickly, unfortunately.
Really recommended! 🙂

Very cool location and cool action, the initial scepticism quickly gave way. I will definitely come back with other people!


  • Duration:
    120 minutes
    (including 15 minutes briefing)
  • 4 different games
  • Laser tag equipment is included in the price
  • maximum 14 participants per time slot
  • OPTION: Drinks-Flat Rate for your team possible

Gameplay in the Battle Royal:

(You will go through all the following game variants in the booked time)

1. "Last Man Standing

You must survive! - Every contact is hostile and can be your "Game Over"!

"Everyone is your opponent"

2. team deathmatch

Try to eliminate the opposing team with the help of your team!

"Your tactical challenge in the team"

3. domination

Try to conquer and defend an electronically monitored base in a given time! But be careful! The opponent will attack you mercilessly to bring the base under his rule! You have to hold the base faster, harder and longer to emerge victorious from this duel!

"Conquer a base with your team - but can you hold it?"

4. high scoring

Now you show what you're made of! With your team you have to hit the opponent as much as possible! Every hit means points for your team.

"Play in a team for the high score".

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